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Valkyria Chronicles anime artwork

Art for three characters.


A-1 Pictures appears to be at last kicking the promotional efforts for the Valkyria Chronicles anime into high gear. Today, the Japanese games media was presented with some sweet artwork showing off three primary characters.

Welkin Gunther:

[end_preview /]

Alicia Melchiott:

Faldio Landzaat:

These characters are voiced, respectively, by Susumu Chiba, Marina Inoue, and Takahiro Sakurai. Those who played the Japanese version of the game will recognize these as the same voice actors.

Also set to appear in the anime are Isara Gunther (voiced by Hoko Kuwashima), Maximilian (Jun Fukuyama), and Selvaria Bles (Sayaka Ohara). You can see artwork of these characters in the character section of the anime's official site. Look closely, and the artwork will blink at you!

The Valkyria Chronicles anime hits television in April.

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