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Taito details Everyone's Zoo

Learn about animals as you take part in mini games.

Boxart for Everyone's Zoo.

Taito shared today details on its latest family-oriented game offering, Everyone's Zoo (in Japanese, Minna no Doubutsuen). This DS title is set for April 30 release at 4,800 yen.

Produced by Takeshi Kamimura, Everyone's Zoo is an "animal communication" game in which players work as a zoo assistant. Players engage in a variety of communication types with animals, including feeding, taking pictures, and other mini-games. Performing these actions earns players Animal Stars, which act as an indicator of growing ties between the player and their animal friends.

The game includes 20 animal types. While Taito hasn't shared a full list, it says to expect a focus on popular animals, including elephants, giraffes, and penguins. Animals will appear in male, female, and child form.

Outside of the strictly gameplay aspects, players can expect to learn about animals. Taito notes in its official description of the title that children will be able to gain knowledge about animals while playing. It also promises an experience that adults will enjoy as well.

Taito has yet to share details, but the game will have a multiplayer component. Players can wireless play support for up to two players.

Everyone's Zoo is currently 90% complete.

(left and center) Animals on display at your zoo. (right) A mini game called Animal Touch.
(left and center) The animal photo mode. (right) A mini game called Animal Race.

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