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Sony uses PS3 as tourist guide terminal

Test program to hit Ginza Sony Building tomorrow.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will be putting the PS3 to use in a brand new way shortly as it offers visitors to its popular Sony Building facility in Ginza a high tech guide to the surrounding neighborhood.

Logo for the new guide program, which will see a test run at the Sony Building in Ginza.

Kiosks powered by PS3 systems will offer visitors a 3D guide program called Toro's Guide to Ginza. The guide offers 3D recreations of the interior of the Sony Building and the high class shopping area that surrounds it. Visitors will be able to use the guide to get a variety of information with Sony mascot character Toro serving as a navigator.

The program will offer two main modes: Ginza Neighborhood Navi and Ginza Neighborhood Stroll. The former has Toro act as a guide, explaining how to get from the Sony Building to familiar Ginza attractions like Mitsukoshi and Matsuzakaya. The latter is a more interactive experience, allowing users to take an open virtual stroll through the recreation of Ginza using the PS3 controller.

Those hoping to experience a virtual recreation of the building they're currently in will find full 3D versions of The Sony Building's first through fourth floor Sony Showroom areas and the eighth floor Communication Zone Opus area.

Sony's Toro mascot shown standing in a virtual recreation of the main Ginza strip.

The Toro's Guide to Ginza program will run as part of a test program starting tomorrow (February 17) and lasting until March 31.

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