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Toshihiro Nagoshi is a suntan junky

Ryu ga Gotoku 3 producer visits suntan place four times a month.


It appears that my invite for yet another one of Sega's Ryu ga Gotoku 3 media events got lost in the mail. Thankfully, 4gamer was in attendance at a Gotoku 3 promotion event today and filed this report. Here's a summary of what the article says.

Today's event was to promote two of Gotoku 3's many promotions. That's right, promotions for promotions! Crazy Sega!

Gotoku 3 has tie-ups with 27 businesses, but getting the honors today were Suntan Salon SOLE and Karaoke-kan, both of which appear in the game in varying capacities.

Karaoke-kan to the left and Suntan Salon Sole to the right.

Things kicked off at the Shinjuku Suntan Salone SOLE shop. Nagoshi apparently goes here quite a bit, as a female staffer recognized him and said "You were here last week too, weren't you?".

[end_preview /]

According to the 4gamer story, Nagoshi is a member of SOLE and goes three to four times a month. The SOLE promotion came to be when Nagoshi was being interviewed for a report in a SOLE member's news letter. This apparently happened at the very last minute in Gotoku 3's development cycle, as the master ROM was just about ready to go when Nagoshi made the request to add in just one more promotional company.

Due to the lack of time, Nagoshi didn't get to realize one part of the SOLE tie-up: in-game events that tie in with the store. You'll recall that the SOLE tie-up doesn't really amount to much in the game -- just a few billboards here and there in the world. Nagoshi suggested that for the next title, perhaps Kazuma (that's Ryu ga Gotoku's main character) will be able to visit an in-game salon daily to gradually get tanned and maybe even stronger!

The karaoke promotion followed as 4gamer, Nagoshi, and whoever else was there (as of this writing, no one else has posted this story, so it might have just been 4gamer) headed to the Karaoke Kan shop in Kabukicho, nearby the suntan salon. There, everyone was able to sample some of the food items that are now available as part of this phase of the collaboration.

While 4gamer didn't have any stories to share about Nagoshi's singing (the little trip might have been just for the food and environment sampling), it did provide one interesting bit of news. It appears that the East exit of Shinjuku Station (this is the exit that leads to Kabukichi) will begin showing Ryu ga Gotoku 3 billboards tomorrow.

I'll see YOU in Shinjuku tomorrow!

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