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Crystal Defenders R2 set for WiiWare

New jobs and strategic elements in followup.


Square Enix announced today a second WiiWare entry in the Crystal Defenders series. Titled Crystal Defenders R2, the new version will be released on February 24 at a price of 1,000 WiiPoints.

R2 is a followup to Crystal Defenders R1, which was released for the download service in January, also at 1,000 WiiPoints. As with Crystal Guardians W2, the second entry in the cell phone Crystal Guardians series off which Crystal Defenders is based, Crystal Defenders R2 is targeted towards players who are experienced with the basic gameplay elements of the series as introduced in the preceding title.

The basic tower defense gameplay of R1 remains the same, but players now have access to new jobs, including Fencer, Black Mage, Hunter, Flintlock, Tinker, Time Mage, Thief, and Berserker. Players will also find tougher enemies, including "Undead Monsters," who can recover their life as they advance towards the exit.

Also featured in W2, R2 adds Power Crystals to the game. By setting these, players can achieve a number of different effects, including making party members in the area of the crystals stronger and faster. The Power Crystals promise to contribute to the game's strategy.

Screenshots of Crystal Defenders R2, shared today by Square Enix.

It should be noted that while R2 has some clear similarities to W2, the two updates are not identical. Differences in available jobs between the two titles can be seen at the character section of the Crystal Defenders official site. The jobs are listed there with English names.

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