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Yakuza 3 demo hits tomorrow

Sample Kazuma Kiryu's latest adventure a week ahead of release.


Sega will be giving players a sampler of the new Yakuza game just ahead of release. The company announced today that a demo for Yakuza 3 will be available for download via the PlayStation Store starting tomorrow (February 19).

The demo, which appears to be similar to a demo build that was used at recent retail demo events, kicks off with main character Kazuma Kiryu arriving in Kamiyacho, the neon city that has served as the main setting for all the numbered Yakuza games. Players will be able to explore part of the city, take part in a large battle and also sample some of the game's side diversions, including karaoke, Answer X Answer, UFO Catcher, and Boxcelius (a 3D shooter) mini games. The demo requires 1.22 gigabytes of space.

A final release for Yakuza 3 is set for February 26.

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