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Now you can dance to Dragon Quest

Avex releasing Dragon Quest dance music CD


Dragon Quest IX may not be making it out in March, but something just as good will fill its shoes:

That's the cover art for Dragon Quest Best Dance Mix, a album from "dragonfly" that remixes the Dragon Quest classics for the clubbing types.

Set for release through Avex on March 4 at 2,300 yen, the CD includes the following tracks:

[end_p text="Read on for the full track list" /]

  • Jokyoku (Overture)
  • Bouken no Tabi (Travel of Adventure)
  • Elegy
  • Dungeon
  • Sentou no Theme (Battle Theme)
  • Level Up
  • Omiya (King's Shrine)
  • Kaizuu wo Hirogete (Expand the Ocean Map)
  • Oozora wo Tobu (Fly through the Great Sky)
  • Soshite Densetsu he (And then, to the legend)

Those English names are my own quickie translations, so they may not match the official names.

If you're like me, you're wondering how they hell they made a full dance number out of the level up theme. You can find out at the CD's official site. Samples of the level up theme and the familiar DQ overture are available there.

DQIX has already been delayed enough, so I won't suggest this for that game, but for DQX, perhaps Square Enix will consider making downloadable dance tracks available for the game. I'd definitely be more diligent about gaining experience if I could hear this every time I leveled up!

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