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Dragon Quest IX Wi-Fi Connection support detailed

Download quests and item lists by connecting online.

DQIX's latest feature -- net shopping.

Square Enix offered details today on Dragon Quest IX's Wi-Fi Connection support. The upcoming RPG, which was recently delayed to a July 11 release, will allow players to connect online for item and quest downloads.

The item support comes in the form of what Square Enix officially refers to as "Dragon Quest Wi-Fi Shopping." Players access this mode by speaking to Roxanne, one of the bartenders in the main pub that serves as the window to many of the game's multiplayer and Wi-Fi features.

Rather than offering actual items, this mode downloads a shopping list to your DS. This list gives you access to items, some seasonal and some just lower priced versions of items that are already available in the game. These items are available in only limited quantities.

The shopping list is updated daily, giving incentive for players to check back regularly. Additionally, the list differs for every player. Those wanting potential access to new items can browse their friends' shopping list by speaking to the host player's Roxanne during multiplayer sessions.

Regarding the quest part of the Wi-Fi support, Square Enix revealed today that starting with the game's July 11 release date, it plans on offering additional quests every week for at least a year. These quests can be accessed by selecting the "Added Quest" option under your quest list. Quests are archived, so players who can't connect every week will still be able to access all older quests.

(left) Accessing the item list downloads. (right) Downloading a new quest.

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