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Mario & Luigi top Media Create charts

Street Fighter IV takes second in debut week.


Mario & Luigi RPG 3 made its expected debut at the top of the Media Create sales charts for the week covering February 9 through the 15th. The highly anticipated PS3 and Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV releases debuted in the top 10 but failed to give a significant boost to hardware sales for either platform.


The third entry in Nintendo's RPG twist on the Mario franchise was released on the 11th (a holiday) and managed first week sales of 192,945 units. Nintendo could have presumably sold more, as Media Create reports a 86.75% sell-through rate for the game. In contrast, Mario & Luigi RPG 2, also for the DS, sold 133,300 units during the busy pre-New Years buying season in 2005.

Street Fighter IV (Capcom) followed on the PS3 in 2nd with 86,075 units. The 360 version placed in 5th with 37,782 units. Media Create notes a similar 2 to 1 ratio between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Soul Calibur IV.

Gundam Giren's Ambition Axis no Kyoiki V (Bandai Namco), a strategy game based off the Gundam franchise, was released simultaneously for the PS2 and PSP on the 12th. The PSP version placed in third this week with 39,792 units, with the PS2 version trailing closely in fourth with 38,013 units. There was a similar split between the recent PSP and PS2 releases of Winning Eleven 2009. Media Create notes here that the PS2 version of Gundam managed a high sell-through of 85.70%, and suggested that this could be due to pent up demand for a console Gundam game. The PSP, in contrast, has seen a steady flow of releases in the franchise.

The top ten closed off with older titles. Winning Eleven 2009 (Konami) placed sixth on the PSP with 27,232 units and seventh on the PS2 with 24,969 units. Demon's Souls (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, PS3) fell from its second place debut last week to eighth place with 22,439 units. Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 (Bandai Namco, PSP) fell to ninth place with 21,952 units. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time (Square Enix) placed tenth this week on the DS with 20,191 units. The Wii version was at forty-seven.

Other titles debuting outside the top ten included Tenchu 4 (From Software, PSP) at twelve, and the Xbox 360 version of Skate 2 (Electronic Arts) at forty-nine. The PS3 version of Skate 2, released simultaneously, did not place.

This week saw only slight boosts for hardware despite the release of major titles. DSi sold 53,483 units this week, up slightly from last week's 49,529 units. DS Lite also rose a bit, from last week's 12,484 units to this week's 14,810 units. PSP sold 34,256 units this week, falling a hair from last week's 34,969 units.

Despite no major releases, Wii topped the consoles once again, with 21,016 units, slightly more than last week's 20,412 units. PS3 and Xbox 360 were both up slightly, presumably due to SFIV's release. PS3 sold 18,656 units, up from last week's 16,082 units. Xbox 360 sold 9,833 units, up from last week's 8,311 units.

Total software sales for the week were 1,167,144 units, Media Create reports, a jump of 30.12% over last week.

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