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Yakuza 3 to see free download content updates

Eight weeks of updates following release.


Sega announced today plans for download content that will expand the Yakuza 3 (Ryu ga Gotoku 3) experience following the game's release on the 26th.

Starting on March 5, Sega will offer eight consecutive weeks of "extra content" for the game. Over the eight week period, a total of 29 pieces of content, ranging from special missions to item packs, will make it out to players. The content will all be free.

To get the new content, players will simply have to load up Yakuza 3 while connected to the internet. Any new content will be automatically downloaded. The content will be archived for future players, meaning even those who pick up Yakuza 3 late will be able to enjoy the bonuses.

The announcement came via a posting at the Yakuza 3 official site. The site promises specifics on the content every week.

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