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Street Fighter IV tops two million worldwide

Capcom's franchise revival appears to be off to a quick start


Capcom's revival of the Street Fighter franchise appears to be having success on a worldwide scale. The company announced today that Street Fighter IV has crossed the two million mark in worldwide shipments. The game was released to Japan on February 12, with international releases following shortly.

The company did not share specific platform or regional splits for its shipment numbers. Domestically, sales tracker Media Create reported last week first week sales of 86,075 units for the PS3 version and 37,782 units for the 360 version.

In a press release announcing the sales feat, Capcom touched upon the success of the original Street Fighter II franchise, which saw sales of 500,000 arcade units and 27 million copies in its home conversions. The company also cited Street Fighter IV as an example of its "one content, multi-use" strategy, making note of the upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li movie release.

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