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This samurai is really cocky

Way to go Spike on the Way of the Samurai 3 download content!


As announced on Friday, Way of the Samurai 3 is getting download content to coincide with the upcoming release of its Xbox 360 port.

While Famitsu.com had screens of the dlc last week, the shots were, in typical Famitsu.com style, extremely tiny and compressed to hell

Surely no one could notice the true nature of the afro chicken costume:

[end_p text="Keep reading for more Way of the Samurai 3 download costumes." /]

I originally thought the chicken head was hanging from his hair like a long ponytail.

Also notable, the box costume:

The mighty katana is no match for the... chainsaw?

And finally, a costume that makes me want a crossover between this game and the Wii version of Dead Rising.

Here are a couple more.

As detailed last week, both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will get access to download content on March 12. The content includes 10 costumes, one piece of head gear, 24 accessories, and 40 weapon parts which can be used to create 10 weapon sets.

I'm not sure if the content is free or not, but Spike hasn't specified a price so hopefully that means no charge.

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