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Aquarian-age gets a game conversion

Platform and game content unspecified for new take on trading card series.

Logo from the anniversary event.

There was some big news for gamers at Broccoli's Aquarian-age 10th anniversary event on the 21st. Impress Watch reported yesterday that the company announced a consumer game adaptation of the franchise at this event.

Aquarian-age is an original trading card series from Broccoli that saw its first card pack in 1999. The weekend event was in honor of the series' 10th anniversary, which will hit on July 30. Major players from the Aquarian-age world, including producer Yujiro Terada were in attendance.

Terada himself announced the game adaptation towards the end of the event. He did not share specifics on game content, platform or release date, but did promise an update at a future press conference.

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