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Attendance increases at AOU

General attendance up by a third over last year.


The All Nippon Amusement Machine Operator's Union announced yesterday final attendance tallies for the AOU 2009 Amusement Expo event.

Held over two days on the 20th and 21st, this year's installment of the annual arcade event brought out new offerings from major arcade game makers, including Sega, Taito, Bandai Namco, and Konami. Notable product showings included Sega's new "Ring" series of arcade hardware and the latest "Nou-kou" series of casual titles from Taito.

The first day of the show, open exclusively to press and industry professionals, saw attendance of 18,110. The second day, which opened up to the paying general public, saw 27,050 attendees. Total attendance across the two days was 45,160.

Amusement industry information site Amusement Journal posted some comparison figures to last year in its writeup of this story. According to the site, while attendance this year was down 3,139 on the business day, the public day saw a huge leap of about 9,857 units over the year before. Overall, total attendance rose by 6,718 people over last year.

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