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Project Ringo is Engrish!

Find out what REALLY happens next, in two weeks.


Sega updated the Project Ringo site today just as promised.

So what happens next?


That's the result of embedding the javascript from the Project Ringo teaser site on this page.

Unfortunately, the stupid poopie-heads at Sega didn't provide a new piece of code, but simply updated the old one with a new animation. This annoys me because the original article I wrote makes less sense.

Anyhow, spoily spoily:

[spoiler]All the sums, once again, compute to 247, although this time you have to know the various orders of operations or you might end up with different result (I knew that math major would pay off!). "Ringo" is still -- I hope -- Japanese for apple.[/spoiler]

The animation at the official site is different from the above, by the way. It's now starts off with a Sega chant and is set to bouncy background music.

It's also a lot more colorful... that is to say, it actually has color!

Plus, it's got some classic Engrish:

We'll presumably find out "what's mean 247" in a couple of weeks!

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