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Yakuza: Booze Edition

Sega saves the best tie-up for last!


Tanning salon not enough for you? Well check out this latest tie-up for Ryu ga Gotoku:

To the left: Ryu ga Gotoku Ryukyu Awamori Jikaseifuku, a 720 milliliter bottle of 25 proof Awamori (an Okinawan shochu) that will sell for 1,100 yen. To the right: Ryu ga Gotoku Seifuku Umeshu, a 720 milliliter bottle of 12 proof umeshu that will be priced at 1,600 yen.

Both will be released on February 26 in Okinawa and March 2 throughout the rest of Japan. You won't even have to leave your home to make a purchase, as in addition to liquor shops, the products will be available online via the Seifuku direct sales site.

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