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Sega details two Sonic & The Black Knight soundtracks

Original and vocal soundtracks arriving simultaneously.


Sonic's next adventure is so big that it requires not one, but two soundtracks. Sega detailed the two Sonic and the Black Knight CD releases today.

The Tales of Knighthood original soundtrack will be released through Wave Master on April 8. Priced at 3,500 yen, this soundtrack is comprised of two discs with 68 songs pulled from the game. Fans of Sonic music will find work from such classic Sonic series composers as Jun Senoue, Richard Jacques, Yutaka Minobe and Howard Drossin, as well as the likes of Tommy Tallarico and guitarist Hikaru Tanimoto.

Set for simultaneous release on April 8 is Face to Faith, a vocal soundtrack for the game, also from Wave Master. Priced at 2,000 yen, this single disc soundtrack will include the game's main theme song, Knight of the Wind, along with a variety of themes performed by Senoue's band Crush 40. Buyers can also look forward to bonus tracks in the form of remixes and instrumental versions.

Tales of Knighthood (left) and Face to Faith (right).

Sonic and the Black Knight will precede both soundtracks with a release on March 12.

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