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Real VS Gotoku: Vol. 2

See what the real life stars look like Gotokified


For this second installment of Real VS Gotoku, I'm doing something a bit different (yes, I know... I really shouldn't be making big changes until at least the third column).

Gotoku 3 has some major star talent powering its characters. Some merely provide their voices, while others provide both their voice and likeness.

In the following comparison pics, ask yourself:




First, the Gotoku cast next to their voice actors:

Kuroda Takaya as Kazuma Kiryu

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Tetsuya Watari as The Mysterious Man
Tatsuya Fujiwara as Rikiya Shimabukuro
Shigeru Izumiya as Shigeru Nakahara
Shidou Nakamura as Yoshitaka Mine
Satoshi Tokushige as Daigo Dojima
Jouji Takahashi as Go Hamazaki
Rie Kugimiya as Haruka
Hiroyuki Miyasako as Tsuyoshi Kanda
Daisuke Miyagawa as Mikio

As far as I know, the characters aren't necessarily mean to resemble their voice actors. That's not the case for the following characters, however, who appear as themselves in the game:

First up, Ayana Tsubaki, who gives you massages in the game:

Which one is real?

Finally, the models from fashion magazine Koakuma Ageha, who appear in the game as hostess club girls whom you can produce and get all close with:

From left to right (yes, they actually have names): Sayaka Araki, Rina Sakurai, Shizuka Mutou, Eri Touka, Riho Nishiyama, Rina Aikawa, Nemu
The in-game edit mode for the models.

You're going to have to match the real girls up with the Gotoku shot for yourself. I initially attempted to put the girls in the left to right order that matches up correctly, but gave up midway through. Note that I don't blame Yakuza 3 for this.

Are you alarmed that the real life personifications in Yakuza 3 are all there for boob factor? I'm not! It's a relief that a game finally gets its priorities straight. If Yakuza 3 had been made by Spike, like Wolf of Shinjuku, this guy would've been in it:

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