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Nintendo opens Pikmin 2 official site

Movies and more for Nintendo's latest Wiimake


Nintendo opened up an official site today for the Play on the Wii version of Pikmin 2. The updated version of the GameCube classic is due for release on March 12.

As detailed at the site, the Wii version of the game offers a similar set of improvements as was offered for the first Pikmin update. Players can look forward to direct pointing controls, with the Wiimote used to manipulate the Pikmin and the Nunchuck used to control Olimar and Louie.

Also similar to the first Pikmin re-release, the song "Shu no Uta" is built right into the game and can be heard by letting the game sit at the title screen (as a tip, the site suggests holding down the 1 and 2 buttons together to make the song begin play more quickly).

The site offers the following sections:

Pikmin special features
Details the basic capabilities of the Pikmin and five specific types of Pikmin.
Above ground and under ground: two adventures
Details the two types of play. Underground play was added to the series for Pikmin 2 and offers randomly generated caves.
Game goal and story
Details the flow of a day in the Pikmin play experience along with a close look at the game's prologue.
Two leaders instruct the Pikmin
Details how players control Olimar and Louie. This section has a few movies which can be viewed by clicking on the brown buttons below the screens.

A section on two player cooperative and competitive play is currently left inactive.

The Pikmin 2 official site.

Interested parties can also find additional footage for the game at the Wii.com site. The newly added Pikmin 2 section at the site offers a general introduction movie and a couple of commercials.

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