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Taito hosts free retro arcade event in Akihabara

Company celebrates Space Invaders 30th anniversary


Taito will be celebrating Space Invader's 30th anniversary and also promoting a few of its new games with a big event in Akihabara late next month.

On March 26 from 14:00 to 18:00, Akihabara UDX Gallery will be home to the Play For Free! Taito Happy Station event. Held in honor of Space Invaders' 30th anniversary, this event will offer players a chance to try out a retro tabletop version of Space Invaders, along with other classics like Darius and Night Striker.

New games will be shown as well. Taito will be putting out arcade units for Hopping Road and Senor Nippon, both new entries in its "No Thought" series of simple arcade games.

Space Invaders Extreme 2 will see demo units as well. The DS sequel is set for release on the 26th.

While the name is new, this isn't the first time Taito has brought out classic arcade titles for free play. Last year in late August, it held an event in Odaiba promoting the Game Center CX retro gaming program. Classic titles like Darius, Night Striker, and Elevator Action were available for free play then as well.

Further details on the event can be found at the official event site off the Taito homepage

Simultaneous with this event, Taito will be holding the "Space Invaders x CX" stamp rally. Players who head out to six Taito Station arcades throughout Tokyo and collect stamps by playing Space Invaders CX will be able to get an original Arino Kacho business card as a gift. Space Invaders CX is a special arcade version of Space Invaders featuring elements from Game Center CX. Arino Kacho is a popular character from that show.

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