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White Knight Chronicles patched with auto run

Version 1.04 available today.


Sony updated the White Knight Chronicles players information site today with details on the latest update to the game.

Version 1.04 of the game went live today and brings about the following changes:

  • When in SD resolution mode, players can use a USB keyboard for character input without the game displaying the software keyboard
  • Auto run added. This was apparently in response to complaints from players that it's difficult to chat while on the move
  • Previously, rewards for sectional damage were given only to the attacking player. Now, as with experience, anyone within a certain area get the rewards. This was apparently in response to a complaint that players whose main role was healing support would not get rewards.

Those who are interesting at seeing possible future updates to the game can view the support page, which lists complaints and feedback from players. Newly added player messages are marked with "New!". Past messages that have been addressed are marked with "Update."

The support page gives brief address to one particular point of note: voice chat. According to the update, the development team has received various opinions for and against the inclusion of voice chat and is continuing to look into it.

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