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Yakuza 3 launch tour

Banners, trucks, and attractive store displays for Sega's latest.


While heading out to the Yakuza 3 signing event in Shinjuku today (well, actually yesterday... sorry for the delay!) I stumbled upon a bunch of additional promotions for the game. Sega's plastered the damn city with this game!

Here's just some of what I saw.

[end_p text="Click here for pics of billboards, retail displays, and even ad trucks!" /]

In Shibuya, the massive Tsutaya retailer in front of the station had this special register set up:

I have no idea who the dude in green is. I just found it funny that he's totally in focus while everyone is motion blurred.

Heading up to Shinjuku for the signing, I visited Bic Camera and saw a special register set up on the second floor along with some attractive displays on the game floor:

I didn't get a picture of it, but the above Bic was having a Yakuza 3 raffle. You can see a pic of the Yodobashi raffle in my signing event report.

Yakuza 3 isn't just being promoted at game shops. While touring Kabukucho to take pics for the next Real VS Gotoku column, I saw this staring back at me from a Karaoke Kan shop:

And while walking between locations, I stumbled upon this:

Yes, it's another one of those ad trucks that Japanese publishers seem to love. This one appears to be promoting both the Loser single CD and the game itself.

From what I was able to see, the biggest of the Yakuza 3 advertisements is right outside the Kabukicho area that serves as the basis for the in-game Kamiyacho setting. You'll recall some talk about a promotional billboard going up for the game in this area. Well this is what it looks like:

I don't think I've ever seen such a huge ad for a game before. As for the ad campaign itself, it's definitely the biggest yet for a PS3 title.

Hopefully the game at hand will live up to all the promotions!

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