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Bandai Namco prez wants to be Number One Exciting!

More katakana mishaps from our favorite gaming execs.


It appears that another Japanese gaming executive busted out the katakana dictionary for something that would have probably been best left in pure Japanese. Speaking with Yukan Fuji, Bandai Namco Games CEO Shukuo Ishikawa described his goal for the company as "To Become the World's Number One Exciting Game Company."

Ishikawa to the left and upcoming Bandai Namco Games CEO Shin Unozawa to the irght.

That's not some funky translation by me. He seriously said "Number One Exciting Game Company." I didn't hear him say it, but I presume it was said in katakana speak.

Ishikawa, incidentally, is set to become Bandai Namco Holdings CEO and president starting April 1. See this article on the main channel for the boring details on the company's upcoming executive shuffling.

The goal of becoming "Number One Exciting Game Company" was the goal Ishikawa had for Bandai Namco Games following the 2006 merger of Bandai and Namco. Yukan Fuji noted that following a merger, the people within the various merged companies tend to fight amongst themselves. Ishikawa apparently didn't care about this. "As long as everyone has the goal that I set out of 'Become the World's Number One Exciting Game Company,' they could do whatever they want."

Citing "related parties" as a source, the Yukan Fuji article states that Ishikawa had considerable worries when he was appointed CEO of Bandai Namco HD. He ended up deciding to take the post when considering that he could show a career path to those who follow. Ishikawa rose the ranks from a new entrant employee at the old Namco to, starting April 1, CEO of the parent company.

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