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Wii Winning Eleven set for May

New control options for those wanting the traditional Winning Eleven play style.


The PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and PS2 versions out of the way, Konami at long last began today discussing the latest Wii rev of Winning Eleven.

Winning Eleven Play Maker 2009 will see domestic release on May 14 with pricing set at 7,140 yen, the company announced. The Japanese release will be preceded by international releases under the name Pro Evolution.

Football fans can look forward to new controller options for this year's installment of the game. The game promises further refinements in control for its unique nunchuck/Wiimote control system, which it refers to as "Play Maker Style." Standard "Winning Eleven Style" controls via either the Classic Controller or the horizontal Wiimote are included as well.

Also new for this year's installment is the Winning Eleven series' popular Master League mode.

Coinciding with today's release information, Konami opened up today an official site for the game. The page offers video clips showing how players control the action during both defense and offense segments. Sections on Champion Road, Game Modes and Cooperative & Competitive Play are currently left blank.

The Winning Eleven Play Maker 2009 official site.

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