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Square Enix shares round 10 of Dissidia Final Fantasy password updates

Unlock new friend cards


Square Enix shared today round 10 of its periodic password updates for Dissidia Final Fantasy. The latest set unlocks a friend card and recipe.

The friend card is for Final Fantasy II's Ming Wu. It can be accessed with the password "MR3ZNNGXU72P." Facing off against the tough ghost data contained in this card will unlock players the "Nobara" item.

The recipe is "Scorpion Recipe" and can be accessed with "H336DETYA23X." This recipe can be used to make the "Bone Mail" item.

The latest round of Dissidia Final Fantasy password updates.

As with all Dissidia passwords, these can be input into the "friend card" settings section of the Dissidia wireless mode menu.

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