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Real VS Gotoku: Part 3

Three examples of the real versus the gotoku.


I'm still in the meditation phase before playing Yakuza 3 (I do this before all the games that I know are going to be good) so I can't deliver impressions.

Instead, here are a couple of more examples showing how real Ryu ga Gotoku 3 is. This is all part of a segment I call...




Today, this is the real:

And this is the Gotoku:

[end_preview /]

That's Don Quixoti, a giant discount retailer that's been in all the Gotoku games since part one. Click here for some details on the Gotoku 3 versions of the collaboration.

To make up for the fact that I really should have written impressions of the game by now, I'm including a couple of more examples of...




Here's today's real, round 2:

And today's Gotoku, round 2:

Hmm... Sega's gotta work on its shine shaders.

Finally, here's today's real, round 3:

And today's Gotoku, round 3:

These shots are all from the seedy Kabukicho location off which Yakuza 3's Kamiyacho is based. I seriously feel weird taking out a camera here (without a girlfriend to protect me) because everyone looks so... sinister.

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