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Irem details Home lounge

New lounge designed in the image of Japanese festivals.


Irem became the latest publisher to join up with Sony's Home virtual world as it offered today a first look at its very own virtual lounge. Similar to Bandai Namco's lounge, the Irem space is meant to be a general area for the publisher rather than for a particular game.

Named "Irem Plaza" ("Irem Hiroba" in Japanese), this lounge has been designed in image of a Japanese festival. Visitors will find the types of sights and activities one might find at a Japanese-style carnival, including booths and areas for food, shooting, fireworks, and Bon Odori. The lounge will also offer a variety of items, including traditional "yutaka" festival clothing for player avatars and R-9 figures from R-Type as furniture items.

The lounge promises four areas from the start:

Observation Deck
Allows visitors to look out onto the beach and see fireworks and the setting sun
Message Board
Details lounge events and information about new stalls
Night Stalls
Players can play mini games and purchase items here
Yagura (Watch Tower)
This is the central area of the lounge where players will gather
Irem's lounge is designed in the image of a Japanese festival.
Fireworks (left) and Bon Odori (right)
The observation deck, which offers views of the shore and the setting sun.

The lounge will also eventually be updated with a special game lounge for Minna de Spelunker, Irem's upcoming PS3 download title that's set for March release.

Home users can look forward to the appearance of the Irem Plaza in the virtual world between late February and early March.

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