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Gyakuten Saiban returns to the stage

Takarazuka Revue to bring part 2 to the stage later this summer.


The Gyakuten Saiban series will be returning to the stage, and Takarazuka Review will, once again, do the honors. Capcom announced today a theatrical adaptation of Gyakuten Saiban 2, set to hit the stage in August and September.

Tomu Ranju as Phoenix Wright in the original stage production.

Takarazuka Review, a world renowned all-female theatrical group from Takarazuka, in Hyogo Prefecture, made gaming headlines last year with the announcement that it would be bringing the original Gaykuten Saiban to the stage. That adaptation kicked off in February and will see its last showing in Tokyo later tonight.

The same talent that brought the original to the stage will be working on Gyakuten Saiban 2. Tomu Ranju of the group's Cosmos Troupe will reprise her role as Phoenix Wright (the theatrical version uses the English language character names), with performer Kei Suzuki once again overseeing the project.

In a press statement issued today, Capcom cited, as reason for the decision to produce a sequel, the strong public reaction to the original production's combination of the game's detective adventure story with the love romance elements expected of Takarazuka Review. Well received by fans of both Gyakuten and Takarazuka fans, tickets for the showings sold out within days of availability, the statement read.

The company also cited the theatrical productions as being another example of its "one contents multi use" strategy.

As with the original production, Gyakuten Saiban 2 will run in two locations. A showing at Takarazuka Bow Hall will run from August 20 through August 31, to be followed by a showing at Tokyo's Akasaka ACT Theater from September 5 through September 15.

The Gyakuten Saiban official site has been updated with further details on ticket sales for the event.

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