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The Punch to feature in Sarugetchu commercials

First RPG entry in series to arrive in late March.


Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that it has tapped comedy duo The Punch to promote Sarugetchu Piposaru Senki. The duo's Punch Hamasaki and No Punch Matsuo will feature in commercials that are scheduled to air starting March 3.

Scenes form the commercial featuring The Punch.

Sarugetchu Piposaru Senki is the latest PSP entry in the series of games featuring the "Piposaru" monkey characters. This first RPG entry in the series carries the subtitle "The Record of Piposaru War," and features command-based battles along with 70 types of mini-games that are used for events. A release is set for March 19 on both UMD (4,980 yen) and via direct download from the PlayStation Store (3,800 yen).

The latest Sarugetchu game offers some unique twists on the classic series.

For those without access to Japanese television broadcasts, the commercials are also scheduled to run at the game's official site. The site is also currently home to gameplay videos.

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