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Sony pimps Resident Evil 5 Home

New commercial shows exclusive PS3 lounge.


Resident Evil 5 isn't just getting exposure on the Xbox 360. Capcom and Sony have also provided some PlayStation branded spots for the game, one of which can be seen in the latest update to the PS World movie channel.

Here's a direct link to the spot:

This commercial is actually a two parter. It begins with a standard movie-like trailer for the game. This looks like a spot that began airing on television in late February.

After the familiar "PlayStation" splash, though, the commercial changes into a spot for the Resident Evil 5 Home lounge. The announcer says "The PlayStation Home lounge where you partner awaits opens."

It doesn't have quite the impact of seeing Chiaki Kuriyama play the game with Yoichi Nukumizu, but it's better than nothing!

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