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And the official English theme for TGS 2009 is...

CESA needs a few eikaiwa classes


Tokyo Game Show organizer CESA finally got around to sharing English language details today for this year's event. This follows the Friday announcement of these very details in Japanese (you can read a full summary of the Friday announcement on the main channel).

There isn't anything new of note in the English details, except for this little bit. The official English translation of the show theme appears to be:

“Game, it’s so energetic !”

For the Friday summary story, I roughly translated it as "Games are Healthy." I didn't think they'd actually use the word "energetic," as it just sounds funny in English.

Thankfully, the accompanying textual description doesn't sound as Engrishy as the theme:

"Filled with free thoughts and ideas, revolutionary stories, innovative expressions and creativity, games energize people. Games fascinate players and creators alike, and there is always joyous air surrounding them. Now that financial turbulence is casting its shadow and draining optimism from the world, games should serve all the more to make the world a brighter, more fun place to live in. TOKYO GAME SHOW 2009 hopes to cheer up the world through games."

Here are the goals of the show, as outlined in the English announcement:

1. To act as a hub for up-to-the-minute information

2. To enhance the business side of the event and further internationalize it in terms of media appeal, visitors and exhibitors

3. To cater more to new and light game users.

The CESA press release also promises "enhancement of press release distribution services in Europe and America."

Hopefully that means the English press releases will arrive simultaneously with the Japanese versions.

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