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Square Enix details FFVII Advent Children bonus content

Original anime to be accompanied by digest footage of past FFVII titles.

A glimpse at the Denzel original anime.

Square Enix updated the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete official site today with details on the bonus video content that will be included on the main video disc.

Buyers can look forward to five pieces of additional content:

On the Way to Smile: Episode Denzel Final Fantasy VII
An original anime focused on the character of Denzel
Reminiscence of FFVII
Digest of the main Final Fantasy VII game
Reminiscence of FFVII Compilation
Digest of the titles in the Compilation of FFVII series
Turbulence of FFVII Advent Children
Includes film festival and other footage
FFVII Advent Children Complete Trailer Collection

Most of this content was previously announced through various sources.

As previously announced, Advent Children Complete will be available on Blu-ray on April 16. Square Enix is releasing the game standalone for 4,900 yen, bundled with a final Fantasy XIII demo for 5,900 yen, and bundled with both the FFXIII demo and a special "Cloud Black" 160 gigabyte PS3 at 49,980 yen.

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