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Street Fighter Art Book is Full of Win

Cover by Akiman heads up 320 page must-have collectors' item.


Street Fighter IV and its predecessors have some amazing artwork, and now you can view a whole bunch of it while naked and in bed.

Capcom will be releasing a new art book for the Street Fighter series. Titled "Street Fighter Artworks Ha," this book has official illustrations, sketches, and rough art for the Street Fighter series and related games.

(In the name of the book, I'm not sure how one would translate "ha," but the kanji character has to do with victory, so if I were in charge of Capcom, in addition to having my way with a bunch of hot Capcom booth girls, I would call the book "Street Fighter Artworks Win").

Here are a few sample pages from the book:

[end_p text="More pics and details for the Street Fighter art book after the jump" /]

There's a lot more. A whole lot more! The A4-size book has a total of 320 pages, with over 1,500 illustrations!

The cover is also something fans will appreciate, as it features a drawing from Street Fighter character creator Akiman. This is presumably the cover:

Look for the book on April 4 priced at 3,675 yen.

There's also a Mega Man art book on the way. I'd care about it if it were about the old school Mega Man. But it's actually just Mega Man Starforce (aka Ryusei no Rockman).

Titled Ryusei no Rockman Official Complete Works, the book includes visuals and illustrations from the three Starforce games. Included are 7 illustrations prepared just for the book and comments from the staff.

The A4-sized book includes 176 pages and will be released on March 30 at 2,100 yen.

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