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Fantasy Golf pushed back by one week

Takara Tomy shares campaign and promotional plans for PSP golf game.

Pangya is already available in Korea.

Takara Tomy delivered some bad news today for PSP owners waiting for the Japanese version of Ntreev's Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable. Citing a desire to deliver a better product, Takara Tomy announced a slight delay for the game. Originally scheduled for April 9, players can now expect the game on April 16.

Joining this unfortunate news, Takara Tomy shared details on a couple of promotions it has planned for the game. First up is a purchase bonus. All buyers of Pangya Portable will get a card that holds a serial number which can be used to unlock costumes in the Windows Sukatto Golf Pangya. Those who aren't interested in playing the PC title can also look forward to a set of stickers for decorating their PSP system.

Takara Tomy will also be holding a launch commemoration campaign for the game. The company will be giving away special pouches to a few lucky buyers. The pouch features the Pangya series mascot character Ponta and is the same item that was given away in Korea as part of the game's Limited Edition package . Only 3,000 pouches will be available, to be given away via drawing to those who send in a ticket that comes attached to the back of the game's instruction manual.

Further details on the campaign can be found at the Pangya official site.

The PSP sticker set (left) and the case (right).

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