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G.rev brings Mamoru-kun shooter to the Xbox 360

Latest arcade-to-home sh'mup set for summer release.


The sh'mups keep on coming to the Xbox 360. The latest console release for the classic genre is an updated port of Momoru-kun ha Norowareteshimatta (literally "Mr. Mamoru Has Been Cursed"). G.rev announced the game today at the arcade version's official site.

First released to arcades in Summer 2008, the Naomi-based arcade title puts players in control of Mr. Mamoru in an overhead shooter. Different from most shooters, the scrolling is not forced. Players are able to move about as they please, although most movement ends up being up and down.

The "curse" part of the title comes from a special "curse bomb" attack which uses a separate button from your standard shot. These bombs can be used both to destroy enemy bullets, and to "curse" enemies, making them more powerful but opening up chances for a higher score.

Videos and screens of the arcade version can be seen at the official site.

Screens from the arcade version.

The Xbox 360 version of the game will be released in June. Joining the game's 6,279 yen standard version, G.rev will offer an 8,925 yen limited edition. The limited version includes a strategy DVD and a special soundtrack.

Home players can look forward to bonus features over the arcade version, including new characters. This week's Famitsu, which offers a first look at the game, also says to expect updated visuals, a new story mode, and additional music and voice.

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