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Cait Sith friend card in latest Dissidia Final Fantasy password update

Square Enix shares round eleven of its periodic updates.


Round eleven of password updates from Square Enix includes two friend cards rather than the usual mix of friend cards and recipes.

Password "P2KET4DTCW6" unlocks a friend card for Final Fantasy VII's Cait Sith. Password "6A3K2A538TS" unlocks a card for Akai Tsubasa (Red Wing).

As usual, both cards powerful ghost enemy data along with rare items. The Cait Sith card will give you the "Shinra Card Key" item, with the Red Wing card giving the "Bomb no Yubiwa (Ring Bomb) item.

Screenshots of the new passwords in effect, handed out today by Square Enix.

As with all Dissidia passwords, these can be input into the "friend card" settings section of the Dissidia wireless mode menu.

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