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Sega planning Valkyria Chronicles early screening

A few fans can see the first episode in advance.

Artwork for the Valkyria Chronicles anime adaptation.

Sega will be giving a few lucky fans of Senjo no Valkyria (known as Valkyria Chronicles overseas) an exclusive chance to get the heads up on the game's upcoming anime conversion. The company announced today plans for a screening of the show to be held in late March, ahead of the full April broadcast.

The Senjo no Valkyria Premier Event will provide participants with an early viewing of the show's first episode. In addition, the staff and cast will be on hand for a special talk show. Currently, voice performers Susumu Chizu, Marina Inoue, Houko Kuwashima, and Sayaka Ohara are scheduled to appear.

Two showings will be held on March 28, each accepting 130 participants. The final location has yet to be announced, but is set to be somewhere in Tokyo.

Those interested in taking part can put their info down at the official movie website through March 16. Winners of a drawing for tickets will be informed by mail following the 17th.

Other promotions for the show include a special stage event at the Tokyo Internation Anime Fair 2009 event. The stage will take place on the 20th and will feature appearances by staff, a live performance by songstress Himeka, and the early airing of a promotional video.

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