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Capcom details Monster Hunter art book

Book to arrive on series' fifth anniversary day.

The Monster Hunter CG art book.

The Monster Hunter series hits its fifth anniversary on March 11, and Capcom will be celebrating with a must-have item for fans. The company shared details today on the Monster Hunter CG Artworks art book.

This 312 page A4-sized book offers a set of CG artwork from the Monster Hunter games, categorized by image, package, monster, weapon, characters, and magazine advertisements. Buyers can also look forward to staff interviews, providing secret details about the games' development.

Resources for the following titles will be included: Monster Hunter (PS2), Monster Hunter G (PS2), Monster Hunter 2 (PS2), Monster Hunter Portable (PSP), Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (PSP), and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP).

Pricing is set at 2,415 yen. The book also includes a single-sided A2-sized poster.

Interested parties can pick up the book on March 11.

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