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Metal Gear Online Scene Expansion advanced purchase kicks off today

Konami offers "cardboard box man" item as bonus for early buyers.


Konami sent out notice today of the impending start of pre-sales for Metal Gear Online's latest expansion pack, Scene Expansion. Those who are interested in getting up to date with the latest MGO content will be able to put their their money down in advance starting today at 18:00.

Scene Expansion is the third Metal Gear Online expansion pack. It adds a number of new features to the game, including Vamp and Raiden as playable characters, and three stages: Outer Outlet, Hazard House, and Ravaged Riverfront. Buyers can also look forward to exclusive avatar accessories.

The expansion pack will become available for play on March 17, with pricing set at 1,200 yen. Interested parties will need to have purchased the past two expansions, Gene and Meme. For those who haven't done so, Konami will be offering a 1,800 yen Expansion Set bundle containing all the three expansions.

Those who pre-purchase Scene or the Expansion Set between today and March 17 at 09:00 will be able to play the new content immediately after making the product download on the 17th following scheduled maintenance. Konami will also be throwing in an in-game "Cardboard Box Man" head item as a bonus. This will be delivered on the 24th and will be exclusive to pre-purchasers.

The bonus item for pre-purchasers.
Scenes from the new Scene expansion pack.
Raiden (left) and Vamp (right).
New areas of play: from left to right, Outer Outlet, Hazard House, and Ravaged Riverfront.

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