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Atlus and Sting tie up

Atlus to publish Sting properties in Japan and abroad.


Atlus announced today that it has formed a partnership with Sting for the planning, development, and sale of home video games.

Under the partnership, Atlus will serve as exclusive publisher on titles that are planned and developed by Sting. The deal covers both domestic and international markets.

Outside of publishing, Atlus is also looking into expanding its development lines by having games based off its own properties be developed by Sting.

Sting currently develops and serves as its own publisher on games like Yggdra Union, Baroque, and the Dokapon series. These are available for a variety of platforms. Atlus is known for franchises like Growlancer and Persona, and also has a strong presence in markets outside of Japan.

The two firms have worked together in the past, with Atlus serving as North American publisher for a variety of Sting titles.

In a statement issued today, Atlus made note of the possibilities for synergy through the deal. On its side, the company is able to increase its development strength and secure quality IPs (intellectual properties). For Sting, the deal means increasing sales of its self-developed titles through the marketing and sales strengths of Atlus.

Due to this deal, Atlus expects a 50% increase in game software sales for the coming term.

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