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Crystal Defenders sneaks on to PSN

Square Enix offers up a demo


PS3 owners can now download Crystal Defenders. The game made a stealth appearance on PSN today through three pieces of content: a video trailer, a demo, and the complete version.

The 40 megabyte demo offers up play through 20 Waves on a beginner's map. The 900 yen final version, as previously announced, includes the content from the W1, W2 and W3 cell phone games for a total of 300 stages. It clocks in at 60 megabytes, which is amazingly close to the demo version's size.

I'm downloading the demo version right now and praying that it doesn't suck like the Wii version.

For 360 owners, the game does not seem to be available yet. I presume both versions were set to launch around the same time, so it might be best to check back later in the day.

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