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What is Malariya doing with that broom?

Quiz Magic Academy figures and more.


Volume 3 of Season 3 of the Quiz Magic Academy prize figure series (Konami apparently counts its figures like episodes of a drama) depicts two characters on the beach. One has a ball on her head. The other has a long stick between her legs.

To the left, with the ball on her head, is Sharon. To the right, doing god knows what with that broom, is Malariya. Her name is spelled just like the disease, both in Japanese and English.

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Konami states that by combining these figures with the four figures from Vol.1 and 2 of the series, fans can create a diorama with all the characters playing together on the beach.

The figures are based off original sketches, which are included in the package:

In other Quiz Magic Academy prize news, Konami is also offering, starting today, two varieties of e-Amusement Pass case and memo sets:

Why the sudden burst of Quiz Magic Academy news? It turns out that part 6 of the arcade game just hit arcades today. For screens, clicky clicky.

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