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DS tops 100 million mark

Fastest pace in console gaming history.


Nintendo announced today that the DS series of hardware has crossed the 100 million mark in worldwide sales. The sales milestone came on March 6, or four years, three months, and two weeks following the system's November 21, 2004 North American debut.

This, the company noted, is the fastest sales pace amongst home video game systems. In comparison, it noted that the Game Boy series of systems, first released on April 21, 1989, took eleven years and two months to reach the mark in June 2000.

A sales graph released today by Nintendo. The system figures throughout the chart are in units of 10,000. The key points marked on the graph are, from left to right, DS launch (North America, Japan, Australia, Euope) , DS Lite Japanese release, DS Lite overseas release (Australia, North America, Europe), and DSi Japanese release.

DS is not the number one selling Nintendo platform of all time. The company noted that worldwide sales of the Game Boy series have crossed the 118 million mark. The DS did, however, surpass its predecessor long ago. The Game Boy Advance has managed total worldwide sales of 81 million units.

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