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Nintendo adds new Game Seminar titles to DS Download Service

Four student projects to be available over coming months.


Nintendo is continuing with its support of amateur game development through a new round of student project downloads at nationwide DS Station kiosks.

Starting tomorrow, the ubiquitous information terminals will take delivery of the first of four projects that were developed by students attending the Nintendo Game Seminar 2008 game development course. This installment of the annual program was held from June 2008 through early this month.

The following four titles will be offered between tomorrow and mid April:

A Team: Fufu Kirarin
Use the DS microphone to blow a stars that have fallen to the ground back into the sky. Available from March 12 through March 25.
B Team: Re: Koetist
The name combines "Koe" (Japanese for "voice") and "Artist." Playing as a voice artist, you recite dialogue lines, which are then modified and played back with unexpected videos. Available from March 26 through April 8.
C Team: Ugo Ugo Trinity
A new type of action game where you control things by moving your body around. Available from April 9 through April 22.
D Team: Kaosapiens
This name appears to be a combination of "Kao" (Japanese for face) and Homosapien. You play around with a creature that has no body. Available from April 23 through May 6.

Screens of these projects can be seen at the official Game Seminar 2008 website.

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