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Gomibako set for March

Sony's unique garbage collecting game hits PSN this month


Sony shared its latest weekly update on the PlayStation Network today, providing details on release dates and pricing for the latest in download games for the service. Notable among the new PS3 and PSP releases was Gomibako, or "Garbage Bin," a game that drew considerable attention at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

Emerging from Sony's PlayStation Camp development program, Gomibako is a Tetris-like game that replaces the blocks with pieces of garbage. As garbage falls from above, players have to use a variety of techniques to keep their garbage bin from becoming full. Modes of play include a stage-based main mode, a mission mode that promises an odd set of rules, and a two player vesus mode.

Sony gave a final price for the game today and also shared a vague release date. Players can look forward to the game some time this month. Pricing is set at 1,500 yen.

Screens of Gomibako, released today by Sony.

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