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Dragon Quest IX Links With Cell Phones

Plus, the latest on skills and monsters.


Famitsu.com got first dibs this week on Square Enix's latest Dragon Quest IX update, offering up tons of new details on skills and monsters.

The biggest point of interest, for me at least, comes at the end of the article. The site reveals that DQIX will launch with an official mobile site called "Hoshizora no Nakamatachi" ("Friends of the Sky"). Players will be able to hook up their DS system to this site via Wi-Fi, send their save data to a special game server, and get a variety of bonuses on their cell phone. Details will follow, presumably in Square Enix's next weekly DQIX update.

Aside from that, the big area of focus for this update is in the skills that your characters can learn as you work through the game. As previously detailed, when your character levels up in DQIX, you get skill points which can be freely alloted to your character's special skill parameters, leading to exclusive new moves and attacks.

The site introduces a few such attacks that players will encounter as they build up their characters. Here's a summary of each. If you're reading the Famitsu.com article, these correspond to the second set of screenshots down:

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Giga Slash: learned via your sword skill
This attack can be learned by jobs that can access sword weapons. Giga Slash can deal great damage to multiple enemies in one swing.
Kyushozuki: learned via your spear skill
I'm not sure how to translate the name -- maybe Vital Part Attack -- but this attack can be learned by jobs, like monks, that have access to spears for attacks. The attack aims for your foe's vitals and can sometimes lead to an instant kill (I'm not sure if the text is being dramatic, or if the skill will actually at times lead to instant death).
Vampire Edge: learned via your dagger skill
This attack is learnable by those who can equip daggers, including soldiers and thieves. The attack has the added capability of sucking your foe's life out and transferring it to your character.
Hyouketsu Rangeki: learned via your club/bow skills
I'm not sure of the proper English name of either the skill here or the move. For the move, maybe "Indiscriminate Ice Attack." Characters who use bows, like the Martial Artist, can learn the attack, which does damage to a large number of enemies and also uses the power of ice hidden away in the weapon's tip to do extra damage to creatures that reside in volcanic environments.
Shibari Uchi: learned via your whip skill
The name of this attack translates to something along the lines of "Bind Strike." Usable by mages and the like who can make use of a whip as a weapon, the skill not only damages the enemy, but can also immobilize it.
Hamon Enbu: learned via your fan (as in a hand-held fold-out fan) skill
The name of this attack translates to, possibly, Ripple Dance. It's learnable by those who's got enough skillz to make even a fan into a weapon -- that is to say, a Martial Artist. The attack causes ripples in the water and causes great damage to enemies who reside by the shore.
Tiger Claw: learned via your claw skill
Thieves and Martial Artist jobs can equip the claw weapons needed to learn this attack. The attack strikes your foe in a pair of consecutive blows that apparently wouldn't even lose out to a killer panther.

Also introduced in this update (although without screens) are two additional high-level skills. Joining Paladin and Battle Mage are Battle Master and Ranger. Battle Master can make use of large weapons that even a soldier couldn't equip. Rangers use weapons and clothing that fit in with nature. The site doesn't detail the requirements for attaining these higher jobs. You'll recall that the high level jobs usually require that you reach a certain level in a couple of the standard jobs.

Finally, in the lower set of screens, the site provides a look at some monsters. These are, from top to bottom: Slime Knight, Meda, Black Tanu, White Lancer, Totsugeki Horn (which possibly translates to "Thrust Horn"), and Gomegon. There are over 300 monsters in DQIX.

There will probably be a more formal report on the main channel shortly, but that's pretty much the gist of this latest in Square Enix's usually weekly DQIX updates.

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