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Take your pick of Resident Evil 5 partners

More hotties at Xbox Live Park.


Microsoft is giving players a chance to play Resident Evil 5 with some celebrities. Participants in this Sunday's Xbox Live Park event can chose from the following:

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To the left is gravure idol China Fukunaga. Her Gamer Tag is LIVE Park 07. In the center is gravure idol Sayuki Matsumoto. She's LIVE Park 08.

The guy on the right is announcer Shiro Suzuki. He'll be serving as a guest commentator during a live broadcast of the Xbox Live Park event at Nico Nico Video.

To take part in the event, players must register one of the above two Gamer Tags as friends. Each tag will cap off with 100 friends.

The play session will last from 14:00 to 17:00. I'm not sure how Microsoft plans on deciding who exactly gets to play with the beauties. Although it would be pretty neat if they gave everyone a chance through 100 play sesssions lasting 1.8 minutes each.

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