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Valkyria Chronicles: The Anime: The Avatar Edition

Sega's latest promotion results in some cute Valkyria avatars.


Remember that neat little Yakuza 3 promotion Sega held which brought avatars for Yakuza characters and series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi to its Hitokara mobile karaoke service? Well they're doing it again! And the latest franchise to feature is Valkyria Chronicles!

From March 16 through April 23, Sega's free mobile karaoke site Hitokara will offer up a set of Valkyria Chronicles avatar items. These will have to be won through a gacha-gacha game.

[end_p text="More Valkyria Chronicles avatars after the jump" /]

In addition, the service will offer up a free pet avatar for the pig-like Hans:

Sega has a bunch more promotions planned for the anime, which kicks off between April 4 and April 6 depending on your location. If it's a slow news day, I'll try and write about some of the promos on the main channel later.

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