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Sackboy in Hot Shots Golf!

Sony's game of fun golf just got funner! And cuter!


If you haven't already, you may want to get in on this whole Hot Shots Golf thing.

This became available as a playable character yesterday:

The Sackboys are rated C for power, C for spin, and A for cuteness. Actually, they get an A for impact. There is no "cuteness" category... although there really should be!

They also get a C in control. In fact, the Minna no golf 5 official site says that the fact that the Sackboys are difficult to control is one of their special features.

You can see Sackboy along with past Minna no Golf 5 DLC (including Toro, God of War's Kratos, and the Jurassic Park-like course) in this super high res movie off the official site:

Sackboy costs 500 yen. More download content is on the way for the game, including the 800 yen Oceana Resort Course on April 24.

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