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Sony killing off White and Silver PS2

Shipments come to an end this month, retailer reports.


Better act quick if you want a PS2 in a color other than black. A retail blog posting today reveals that Sony will be ending shipments on the Ceramic White and Satin Silver slimline PS2 systems this month!

Sony isn't totally killing off the PS2, of course (it still sells about 5,000 or so units per week, after all). The company will continue to take orders on the Charcoal Black version of the system.

Only one shall remain standing.

The Ceramic White and Satin Silver systems won't be going to their graves alone. Sony will also be ending shipments on all non-black controllers and Memory Sticks.

The current SCPH-90000 series Ceramic White and Satin Silver systems were released on November 22, 2007. They were preceded by the SCPH-77000 series the year before. They still carry that darn 16,000 yen price point.

I don't think there's a need to panic just yet if you really do want something other than black for your slimline PS2. I still have no problem finding that red system that was released in July of last year, and that was said to be a limited-time model.

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